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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Webinar "Connecting with Europe - Rural Europe Takes Action" during Feeding Ourselves 2023

Participate in the Webinar "Connecting with Europe - Rural Europe Takes Action" during Feeding Ourselves 2023 on Saturday 25th March from 16h30 to 17h30 CET

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Feeding Ourselves 2023 – Another Rural is Possible!” will take place next 25th & 26th March at Cloughjordhan ecovillage, with Cultivate among organisers.
This gathering is designed to facilitate community learning and movement building. It will be an opportunity to celebrate and connect to nature, food and community, to learn more about practicing food sovereignty, seed sovereignty, agroecology, and community-supported local food systems.
(Here is the full programme of FO2023 ; you can also read more about the event on ARC2020 website )

Forum Synergies will help giving the European touch to this Irish gathering, with the webinar "Connecting with Europe - Rural Europe Takes Action" held on Saturday 25th. Two initiatives from the book "Rural Europe Takes Action - No more business as usual" will share how they contribute to the local food economy.

- the “Local Agricultural and Food Policy” from Plessé municipality will show how elected people & citizens decided to take agricultural affairs into their own hands in order to maintain the village farming activity.
- the Balkan Seeds Network, a network of scientists and seed savers’ organisations tapping into the rich biodiversity and agricultural heritage of South Eastern Europe to stimulate resilient food systems and transnational cooperation.

These two experiences will dialogate with two Irish initiatives:
- Food Hubs : Food hubs have emerged as a successful model to promote the aggregation, value addition, distribution, and marketing of local food. 
- Woman in Agriculture : Talamh Beo the Irish Land Workers Alliance are envisioning what gender equality looks like in agriculture and how inequality prevents women bringing their perspective and experience to the discussion, design and implementation of all things food, farming and rural living.

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Lear more about the European experiences on the digital version of the book "
p38 “Creative municipalities – Bringing people into agri-food policies” (Plessé Municipality)
p108 “Seeds of collaboration (Balkan Seeds Network)