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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

RURAL YOUTH - intergenerational cooperation

"Intergenerational cooperation" is one of the keystones Forum Synergies builds on. We support young people to participate in international events as the European Rural Parliament in Kielce, PL in September 2022 through the scholarship programme.

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Forum Synergies BOOKS

RURAL EUROPE ON THE MOVE - a travel guide to rural transistions.
View online here (EN, FR).

RURAL EUROPE TAKES ACTION - no more business as usual.
in cooperation with ARC2020
View online here (EN).
To order a hard copy contact info (@) forum-synergies.eu

Places to be

"Places to be" wants to put a spotlight on inspiring initiatives, people and places worth visiting.
The idea started writing our travelbook “Rural Europe on the Move” - a travel guide to transitions. Dive into these pathways to rural resilience here .