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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


  • Sustainable Forestry - Insights & views from the Mediterranean ! Webinar on 25.5.2021, 17:00-19:00. Register here The webinar "INSIGHTS & VIEWS FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN" ist part of Forum Synergies’ thematic focus on Sustainable Forestry. read more
  • REGISTRATION OPEN: Webinar "Deepening Civic Dialogue" - February 10th 2021 - 17h00 CET
    An invitation to a conversation on the power of dialogue for community-led transitions.
    Information and registration HERE
  • Main insights and video recording available - Web Conference "Local Food: Re-imagining Regional Responses - Collaborative approaches to building our rural resilience" on this page
  • Scholarship community WEBINAR "AGAINST ALL ODDS - Youth energy for new rural-urban linkages"
    After the Corona summer 2020 with little real travelling activities we will hold a webinar on Monday 21st of December, 17:00 – 18:30 CET. It will be mixture of scholarship experiences of 2020 and other activities of hosts and trainees.
    Apart from 4 main presentations there will be space for exchange and discussion!
    Register here
  • Seeds4all - a new seeds platform launched The European Platform dedicated to seed diversity and availability (link)
    The newly established platform (October 2020) has the aim of networking and bringing together seed savers and distributors in order to learn from each other. Read more here
  • Our Scholarship programme 2020 is still open!... Our Scholarship programme 2020 is still open!
    As only a few exchanges took place due to the Covid crisis, we decided to remove the current deadline. So if you are interested and have the opportunity to travel despite the current restrictions, please contact us, we can arrange all steps of preparation so that we can become concrete as soon as the crisis allows! You will find all relevant information here
  • Webinar "Growing food resilience in Covid-19 times": video and main insights available
    • Here is the link to the video recording of the session : https://youtu.be/9zABHgoVdSg
    • If you don’t have time to watch it, our colleagues from ARC2020 have related the main lessons from practitioners and insights from participants in the following article also available in pdf here.
  • A vision and strategy for rural Europe On the track for sustainable rural development: a process of transition. LIVESTREAM: Find the link to the high-level video conference of July 7th 2020 here.
    The WORKING DOCUMENT on “A Vision and Strategy for Rural Europe – Now.” is avalable on the ARC2020 website here
  • Europe’s Forests - which way to go? Interview with Lutz Fähser, project manager of the Nature-oriented forest management in the municipal forest of Lübeck, DE about the role of forests in time of climate crisis. "The current discussions on the role of forests in climate change mitigation are being conducted in science, business and politics with a sense of urgency that cannot be ignored. Are Europe’s forests at a crossroad?" link to the interview
  • "RURAL EUROPE ON THE MOVE - a travel guide to transitions" still available. Our newly launched book is an invitation to dive into 25 years of experiences in sustainable rural development in Europe and to explore pathways to the future.
    It is the collective work of twelve authors who share their personal stories of bringing together local communities, farmers, foresters, environmentalists, and political decision makers so as to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive rural Europe.
    It is a call upon young people to make their rural regions and communities fit, so that they can respond to the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and social exclusion, making their own rural future more resilient and attractive.
    Now available on-line - Get more information here