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  • Scholarship Programme 2024 * REGSITRATION IS OPEN travel * make experiences * build upon our network * create your rural future
    We offer young people the possibility to spend some relevant time in a place to make practical experiences of their choice in order to discover and learn from the experiences and practices of people & organisations dedicated to sustainable local & rural development. At the same time we are looking for people or organisations rich in experiences who are ready to host a trainee!
    find all relevant info here
  • #intergenerationalcooperation Forum Synergies at the European Action Gathering for Sustainable Food Systems "A rural bridge between sustainable agri and food policies in the EU", Marburg, DE 6.-8.November 2023, organised by ARC2020, in Germany the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bäuerliche Landwirtschaft in Hessen e.V.” (AbL) and the Marburg “kollektiv von MORGEN e.V” (KoMo) - read here our reflections on the topic of intergenerational cooperation:

    MIND THE GAP! Sustainable Food Systems need constructive communication between generations
  • podcast Rural Vibe Matters #1 Bridging Borders Lessons in Rural Development with Adam Beswick.
    As part of Adam Beswick’s scholarship stay at ABCD Innovation Center in Kalavan, Armenia, this first podcast episode was featured by him - listen here
  • Report available - INTERGENERATIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE FUTURE OF RURAL EUROPE Alongside the Latvian Rural Communities Parliament (14-16 June 2023) Forum Synergies organised together with the Latvian Rural Forum an intergenerational workshop on the future of Rural Europe.

    Report by Adam Beswick - available here

    We have come out with our call “No more business as usual” through our book Rural Europe Takes Action, published in 2022 in cooperation with ARC2020. It is time to take the next step and make things happen.
  • Get to know our HOST organisations!

    Get a closer look at our new host DUPA GARD, Transilvania, RO. Get in touch through our scholarship programme - find mor informatione here:
    Explore more host organisations!
  • Michael Dower Memorial Event * Launch of the European Rural Resilience Award On Saturday, 22nd April, friends and family of Michael Dower will gather in Dorset.
    The Michael Dower Award for European Rural Resilience will be launched in honour of the late European Englishman, at an event dedicated to his life and work, in the Peak District National Park.
    The event will be streamed live on the Youth Hostel Association YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@YHAEngland..., from 3:30pm on Saturday (16:30 CET). There will be break between around 6.30-8pm and then a resumé with the launch of the ‘The Michael Dower Award for European Rural Resilience’ (soon after 21:00 CET).
    See the full programme here
  • Cres, the sheep, Europe - a recently published Cres, the sheep, Europe - a recently published article in the Osservatorio balcani e caucaso transeuropa - read the full article here
    Franjo Toic is closely connected to OTRA (OTočna Razvojna Agencija or in English - Island Development Agency - a local development agency located in Cres, a small town located on Cres island. OTRA is HOST-organisation in the frame of the Forum Synergies Scholarship Programme.
  • Ukrainian agriculture during the war: small farmers and households Our colleague Rostyslav Kos from Ukraine provided an article on the situation of agriculture for small farmers and households. Get an overview on the main sectors (grain, dairy, poultry and eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries directly below and read the full article here.
  • A tribute to Michael Dower "I’m gonna go now and get a cup of tea"... these were the last words Michael Dower shared with us in our virtual General Assembly of Forum Synergies on October 17th 2022. A few days later, on November 7th 2022, he sadly passed away.
    We want to share with you this tribute to an extraordinary rural networker and motivator to take action now, written by Hannes Lorenzen: go to article
  • Testimonies of the motivations and visions of the youth Forum Synergies supports young people to participate in the scholarship programme or in international events as e.g. lately in the European Rural Parliament in Septmeber 2022 in Kielce, PL - we gather here their testimonies of motivations and visions