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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

A Communication from Civil Society to the European Union Institutions on the future Agricultural and Rural Policy. ARC 2020

Rural topic(s): Advocacy on food and rural policies

Type: Réflexions de membres du FS ou d’autres acteurs locaux

Date of writing: 06-11-2010

Author(s) of the proposal: ARC 2020 - Agricultural and Rural Convention


On 16 November 2010, a broad alliance of European civil society organisations and networks (ARC) will submit to the European Commission and other EU institutions its own proposals for a reform of European Agriculture and Rural Development Policies, called “A Communication from Civil Society on the future of Agricultural and Rural Policy”. This Communication is a product of a process of six months of consultations, conferences and negotiations between NGOs from across Europe (see www.arc2020.eu).

We call for a radical review of policies for both agriculture and rural development. We propose that policies from 2014 onwards should embrace:

  • A paradigm shift in agriculture and in food systems, from the existing dominant industrial–style farming and centralised food industry to sustainable farming everywhere and a diversified pattern of regional and local production and processing of food, with closer connections between farmers and consumers, and high care for public health, environment and animal welfare.

  • An economic, social and environmental renaissance of rural areas, building upon the strength and diversity of communities, cultures and resources, linked effectively to place-based territorial development and honouring the EU’s commitment to social, economic and territorial cohesion.

This vision for change is driven by a shared conviction that Europe must achieve sustainability and greater equity within Europe and in the world. We must make more responsible use of all global resources, halt the drastic loss of biodiversity, and radically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. We must ensure food security, without the EU depending on the land resources of other continents. We must alleviate poverty and inequality, social exclusion and gross disparities of income and quality of life between regions and people within and beyond Europe.


Summary and whole proposal attached





Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: rural policy

Places: Europe