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VOKA (Rural organisation of community activities / Vidiecka Organizácia pre Komunitné Aktivity)

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Banská Bystrica

Country: Slovakia

Web site: http://www.voka.sk

VOKA is a civic association serving members and non-members involved in rural development. Created in 1998, its objectives and goals are: to promote and support democracy, to promote inhabitants and their participation in planning and decision-making process, to develop voluntary participation in community activities and to defend citizens’ interests at local, regional and national levels. It helps the integrated development of rural communities giving support to LEADER LAGs.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: local products, local food processing, youth empowerment, rural entrepreneurship

Places: Slovakia

Actors: animation and rural development organisation

Methods: promotion of local economic activity, promotion of civil society dialogue, training/capacity-building, networking, resources mobilization, travelling workshop