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LAG Puszcza Knyszynska

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories

City: Supraśl

Country: Poland

Web site: http://www.puszczaknyszynska.org

Local Action Group « Puszcza Knyszynska (Knyszyń Forest) » is based in Supraśl near Białystok (Podlasie). Acting as a Local Action Group within LEADER initiative since 2008, it associates economic sector (entrepreneurs), social sector (local associations) and public one (10 municipalities surrounding Białystok from eastern site - about 95.000 inhabitants). It has been established on the basis of previous experience related with cooperation between communes within the Knyszyn Forest, The cooperation within the field of tourism, small enterprises related with agriculture, the use of natural and cultural potential of the region in order to achieve sustainability became the basis to realize the LAG project.

The mission of the LAG is to support inhabitants and initiative actions to achieve balanced and comprehensive development of the LAG, especially within the field of active tourism and entrepreneurship. Approximatively 45% of its area is in under NATURA 2000 protection. It closely cooperates with National and Regional Forestry Administration, Landscape Forest Parks, Local and Regional Administration, regional and local associations and other 14 LAG in their region - under common organisation associating all LAG: Podlaska Regional Network of Local Actions Groups.

Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: Natura 2000, conservation and management of natural resources, sustainable woodland, woodland management, sustainable tourism, rural entrepreneurship, local farming

Places: Poland

Actors: animation and rural development organisation

Methods: programme/project management, grant, intermediation and facilitation, workshop, working group