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FISM (Fondul de Inovatii sociale)

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Chișinău

Country: Moldova

Web site: http://www.fism.pro.md

The Public Association „Fondul de Inovatii Sociale din Moldova” (the Fund), is a self-governed, non-political, non-commercial, non-profit and of public interest association.

The goals of the Fund are to contribute to the implementation of:

  • Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union;

  • National Development Strategy of the Republic of Moldova for 2012-2020;

  • Energy Strategy of Moldova by the year 2030;

To achieve its goals, the Fund carries out the following activities and services:

  • Develop and implement, evaluate and monitor various innovative projects, concepts, ideas at local/district/national/cross-border levels, attract domestic and foreign financial resources.

  • Provide assistance and advice to LPAs in designing, writing and implementing sustainable development projects at local/regional levels;

  • Support and build the capacities of LPAs, CSOs, business people and the community as a whole to strengthen joint efforts to improve the citizens’ quality of life and quality of the environment through sustainable development at local and regional levels and promotion of European values.

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National

Keywords: participation by inhabitants, integrated rural development, Community Led Local Development (CLLD), energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste water treatment

Places: Moldavia

Actors: association

Methods: consulting/expertise, technical assistance, grant, intermediation and facilitation, support to project