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NASA SUMA - Association of Forest Owners

Rural topic(s): Sustainable forestry


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Web site: http://www.nasasuma.com/

The Association of Private Forest Owners (APFO) „Naša šuma“ (“Our Forest”) aims to present a common voice (interest) of all private forest owners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In particular, its objectives are :

  • to assist forest owners in obtaining their rights and fulfilling their legal obligations related to maintenance of the forests,

  • to improve organisation and provision of technical services for the private forest owners, which will contribute towards better economic effects of the forestry products’ utilisation,

  • improved condition of the forests

  • a transparent use of resources from domestic and foreign funds for reproduction and development of forests.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: woodland management, forest ownership, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, natural habitats preservation, conservation and management of natural resources, local food processing

Places: Serbia

Actors: association, forest owner

Methods: networking, recommendation, consulting/expertise, job creation