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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Nadace Partnerstvi / Environmental Partnership

Rural topic(s): Education and training in rural areas, Conservation and management of natural resources

City: Brno

Country: Czech Republic

Web site: https://www.nadacepartnerstvi.cz

Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, is a leading Czech foundation and NGO supporting sustainable development solutions.

It enables people to protect and improve their environment. For this purpose, it distributes grants, runs education programmes and provides professional services (by means of Partnership public benefit organization, a sister subsidiary public benefit corporation).

Its focus is on the issues of environmental protection, sustainable transport and tourism, tree and water protection and quality public spaces. Together with four affiliated foundations in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia they form Environmental Partnership Association (EPA).

Scale of intervention : National, European, Local

Keywords: Information / Education for sustainable development, protection of the environment, sustainable tourism, remarkable tree, water management, woodland creation

Places: Czech Republic

Actors: association, fundation

Methods: training/capacity-building, meeting, seminar and conference organisation, programme/project management, support to project, technical assistance, recommendation, grant