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Saida Farm

Rural topic(s): (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage, Agroecology and agroforestry, Local food Chains

City: Turba Nissi vald Harjumaa

Country: Estonia

Web site: http://www.saidafarm.ee

Saidafarm OÜ is an organic farm created in 1992 for the production of milk and milk products.

Saidafarm is owned by 8 people and has 26 employees.

Its 200 dairy cows (500 animals in total), are fed with the farm grass and cereal production.

The farm has approximately 1,000 hectares of land, which provides enough hay, silo and grain. All the animals are kept free-range.

The farm milk has been processed in the small dairy since 1994. The farm’s truck delivers milk products to the consumers five days a week. Saidafarm produces various types of curd, cream cheese, yogurt and cheese.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: organic farming, local food processing, direct selling, farmer’s shop, collective approach, dairy products, livestock farming

Places: Estonia

Actors: farmer, farm

Methods: job creation