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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

CLM (Centre for Agriculture and Environment)

Rural topic(s): Advocacy on food and rural policies

City: Culemborg

Country: Netherlands

Web site: http://www.clm.nl

CLM is an independent consultancy established in 1982 working in the field of sustainable food, farming and rural development. It carries out research and advises government at all levels: from local authorities to the European Commission, agri-business and non-profit organisations.

Two organisations, each with a different approach, operate under the CLM umbrella:

  • CLM Research and Advice, an independent consultancy working on topics like soil, biodiversity, pesticides, water, animal welfare, energy, climate impacts and carbon footprinting.

  • The Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation, an organisation for innovation, debate, mediation and advocacy

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: climate change, biodiversity conservation, conservation and management of natural resources, renewable energy, environmental mediation, carbon footprint, animal welfare

Places: Europe, Netherlands

Actors: consultant/expert, fundation

Methods: intermediation and facilitation, research, consulting/expertise, advocacy