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Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farms

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Local food Chains

City: Forest Row

Country: United Kingdom

Web site: http://www.tablehurstandplawhatch.co.uk

« Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm » is a ten-year-old community supported agriculture project in Forest Row, some 30 miles south of London. The project encompasses two farms, both biodynamic, both owned by the local community, and both selling the vast majority of their produce direct from the farms.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: collective farmland ownership, local food processing, biodynamic farming, direct selling, local supply chain, community land trust, consumer producers partnerships, community supported agriculture - CSA, farmer’s shop, short food chain, dairy products, farm partners, livestock farming

Places: United-Kingdom

Actors: social enterprise

Methods: voluntary work, job creation

Success stories: