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[EXP] Agricultura Nuova, a multifunctional Cooperative Farm integrated in its territory in the periphery of Rome (Italy).

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Local food Chains, Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of activities

Type: Success story

Date of writing: November 24, 2011

Author(s) of this page: Marta Fraticelli

Organization(s): Cooperativa Agricoltura Nuova


Agricoltura Nuova is an agricultural cooperative located in Rome peri-urban area. It was created in 1977, when a group of engaged citizens occupied the land to defend it from urban expansion and maintain its agricultural vocation. The main aim of the initiative was to create an alternative rural space that breathes new life into traditional agricultural values while relying upon complete production cycles and the sale of transformed products.

It is now a 250 ha mixed organic farm, geared towards on-farm processing and direct marketing and hosting a range of environmental and social activities (an information centre on renewable energies, community gardens, social integration of vulnerable adults, etc.). In 1996 it obtained a tenancy contract from the municipality of Rome, which has established a regional park in the area surrounding the farm.

Its activities have evolved upon the years and are now the following ones:

  • Mixed-farming (culture and livestock), direct sales (shop and restaurant), food process (cheese, honey), organic and biodynamic production

  • Renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind) and compost from Roma gardens waste

  • Educational training for schoolchildren

  • Integration of marginalized people through agricultural activities

  • Promotion of family organic plot gardens on the farm

One of the key of the success is to have formed a solid relationship with the residents of the city of Rome, interested in maintaining local agriculture.


See the detailed story in the document attached.


Source: CCF Agricoltura Nuova case study







Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: local food processing, direct selling, land access, multifunctional Agriculture, organic farming, short food chain, consumer producers partnerships, biodynamic farming, Information / Education for sustainable development, local farming, farmer’s shop, rural-urban relationship, social inclusion, renewable energy, livestock farming, gardening

Places: Italy

Actors: cooperative, farm

Methods: voluntary work, raising awareness, job creation