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Report on Workshop 5 “Sustainable Development in Lake Areas: Empowering Local Initiatives and Civil Society” - Lac de Remoray (France)

18-22 April 2012

Rural topic(s): Sustainable development in wetlands, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Conservation and management of natural resources

Type: report/synthesis

Date of publication: September 21, 2012

Author(s) of the document: GNF, FS

Organization(s): Communauté de Communes Frasne-Drugeon, Federation of Conservatories of natural spaces, Forum Synergies, GNF (Global Nature Fund)


Report from the final Workshop organised in Lake Keramoti - Nestos Delta ( Greece) in the framework of the project “Sustainable Development in Lake Areas”, by Forum Synergies, GNF, Communauté de Communes Frasne-Drugeon et Fédération des Conservatoires d’Espaces Naturels.

The general objective of the project was to support initiatives in sustainable development by exchange on good practice of participatory implementation and local sustainable development.

Link to the workshop presentations: www.globalnature.org/33341/EVENTS/Workshops-Sustainable-Development-in-Lake-Areas/Presentations-France/02_vorlage.asp



Keywords: Forum Synergies, lake

Places: France