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Regional initiatives promoting integration of new inhabitatnts in rural areas: the example of the Limousin Region

Rural topic(s): Attracting new inhabitants in rural areas

Type: Mises en pratique de politiques au niveau régional ou national

Date of writing: February 6, 2009


Since 1987, the demographic issue is at the heart Limousin Region concerns, a rural region which has been losing population durint all 20th century. In 1999, a study revealed that the decline of the population and its continuous ageing were still foreseen after 2017. The Regional government then decided to implement a policy to welcome new inhabitants in order to facilitate the exploration, settlement and integration of new inhabitants in Limousin.

This policy focuses on two main areas :

  • actions towards the population, local authorities and socio -economic actors of Limousin region that aims to raise their awareness on the topic of « welcoming new inhabitants » but also to structure the offer and improve migrants support.

  • actions towards the State and the European Union in order to include « policies to attract new populations » in the programmes ; and also towards interested candidates to share with them what are the possibilities and attract new people.

See the full text in French for a more detailed presentation #Ref. err: proposal/5#


Conseil Régional Limousin - Service Accueil

Courriel : accueil@cr-limousin.fr



Keywords: rural depopulation, attracting new residents, rural-urban relationship

Places: France