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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Ecological Institute Veronica

Rural topic(s): Education and training in rural areas, Development of rural territories, Renewable energy and eco-housing, Local food Chains

City: Brno

Country: Czech Republic

Web site: http://www.veronica.cz

Ecological Institute Veronica is a professional body of ZO CSOP Veronica (Basic organisation of Czech Union of Nature Conservationists). Their mission is to support a friendly approach to the nature, landscape and its natural and cultural values. Their activities are intended for the general public, professionals, public authority representatives and staff, educational institutions, other environmental non-governmental organisations, secondary school and university teachers and students, small and medium size enterprises. Veronica pursues the following expert programmes: nature and landscape conservation ; green household, green procurement ; climate protection, energy saving and renewable resources ; involvement of the public into planning and decision-making processes ; sustainable regional development.

Scale of intervention : National, Local, Regional, European

Keywords: conservation and management of natural resources, landscape preservation, eco-housing, climate change, energy saving, renewable energy, citizen participation, concertation, green procurements, reed-bed sewage, organic farming, wooden biomass, solar energy

Places: Czech Republic

Actors: association, training and visitor centre

Methods: training/capacity-building, consulting/expertise, exchange of good practices