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Fundatia ADEPT

Rural topic(s): Conservation and management of natural resources, Local ecological knowledge, Development of rural territories, Local food Chains

City: Saschiz, Mures

Country: Romania

Web site: http://www.fundatia-adept.org

Fundatia ADEPT is implementing a broad range of conservation and rural development projects aimed at practical conservation linked to local economic and social benefits. It seeks to promote links between biodiversity conservation, continued traditional land management, and local incomes in Transylvania.

* Biodiversity: field surveys of habitats and species led to inclusion of the area in the EU’s Natura 2000 network. They are also examining relationships between traditional farming systems and wildlife in the project area, significant for conservation at European level.


* Farming: developing incentives so that local people benefit from biodiversity conservation, including practical and effective agri-environment measures suited to the area, and grants based on recognition of the landscape as Natura 2000 and High Nature Value.


* Innovation and local economy. Developing a brand linked to the high biodiversity image of the area will help the local economy. They are promoting good standards and marketing to add value to food and other local products including responsible rural tourism.


* Community. Developing training courses and public awareness programmes: books, school programmes, posters, newsletters and village festivals, essential to gather local support for conservation and understanding of its potential economic benefits

Scale of intervention : Regional, European

Keywords: biodiversity conservation, landscape preservation, peasant farming, high nature value farming (HNV)

Places: Romania

Actors: association, fundation

Methods: programme/project management, renting of land, exchange of good practices, training/capacity-building