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In Loco

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Development of rural territories

City: São Brás de Alportel

Country: Portugal

Web site: http://www.in-loco.pt

In Loco Association is a non-profit organisation that was created in 1988 in order to support and consolidate local development initiatives and to promote active citizenship. It has a direct impact on the Serra do Caldeirão territories, located in the rural inland of the Algarve region. And it also operates, through training and consulting activities, in projects led by other institutions in different parts of the country.

Its strategic objectives are:

  • To qualify and value people and organisations

  • To qualify and value the territory of intervention from a sustainability perspective;

  • To promote active and supportive citizenship;

  • To encourage and support entrepreneurship and local initiative;

  • To produce knowledge to support the intervention.

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional

Keywords: Community Led Local Development (CLLD), territorial dialogue, participation by inhabitants, participatory action research, local products, integrated rural development, rural entrepreneurship

Places: Portugal

Actors: animation and rural development organisation, association

Methods: promotion of local economic activity, training workshop, vocational training, programme/project management, intermediation and facilitation, partnership, participatory budget

Success stories: