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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

URGENCI (Urban - Rural Network: Generating new forms of Exchange between CItizens)

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Local food Chains

City: Aubagne

Country: France

Web site: http://www.urgenci.net

URGENCI is a Urban - Rural Network, which brings all citizens and field activists working to contribute to greater solidarity and synergy between urban and rural communities, through an alternative economic approach called Local Solidarity Partnerships between Producers and Consumers (LSPPC): AMAP in France, CSA in the Anglo-Saxon countries, Reciproco in Portugal.

Scale of intervention : European, International

Keywords: community supported agriculture - CSA, social and solidarity economy, family farming, local food systems, agroecology, local partnership, food souvereignty, climate change, food

Places: Europe

Actors: network, platform, forum

Methods: networking, experience exchange, meeting, seminar and conference organisation, participation research