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► The Change Agency

Rural topic(s): Civic dialogue, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Islington

Country: Australia

Web site: https://thechangeagency.org/

The Change Agency is an independent activist education and research project.

We work with civil society groups to help people clarify their purpose and develop plans that will enable them to focus their energies and achieve social and environmental justice outcomes.

Our mission is to strengthen effective community and workplace action for social, ecological and economic justice by providing facilitation, workshops, resources, research and other learning opportunities.

Our key strengths lie in:

  • facilitation and activist education

  • training program development and advice

  • curriculum and resource development

  • strategic planning and campaign strategy

  • research, evaluation and analysis

Scale of intervention : Regional, Local

Keywords: facilitation, coworking space, participatory approach, citizen participation, participatory action research

Actors: social actor

Methods: training/capacity-building, support to project, facilitation