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► My croworking

Rural topic(s): Civic dialogue, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Roma

Country: Italy

Web site: https://www.mycroworking.com/

Mycroworking is made up of professionals from the worlds of training and facilitation, communication, design and architecture committed to offering original, interdisciplinary and innovative solutions for complex organisations inspired by the gamification and visual paradigm.

Facilitation of participatory processes, visual facilitation and graphic recording

We design and realise workshops and participatory events based on traditional formats (e.g. worldcafes and openspace technology) or engaging initiatives created on the client’s needs, always with the use of an extensive portfolio of visual tools by Mycroworking. With an exclusive partnership with the Visual Stories network we provide both analogue and digital graphic recording services during events.

Scale of intervention : Regional, Local, National

Keywords: facilitation, participatory approach

Places: Italy

Actors: consultant/expert