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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

► ÖAR GmbH

Rural topic(s): Local food Chains, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Web site: https://www.oear.at/

ÖAR GmbH, is aconsulting firm working for clients in Austria, Europe and world-wide. It operates on contracts with governments, regional development organisations, public administrations, private businesses, intermediary agencies, universities and the non-profit sector.

« We see our role as “hinges” to make these manifold bonds vibrant and fruitful. In our work with organisations and cooperation systems, we mind the delicate balance between hierarchy and partnership by keeping a holistic view on territorial and sectoral issues, knowing that system solutions become increasingly important for our customers, who want, by virtue of pursuing their own interests, to contribute to common well-being. »

Scale of intervention : National, Regional, European

Keywords: participatory approach, public-private partnership

Places: Austria

Actors: consultant/expert