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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

► FAO - Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Rural topic(s): Local ecological knowledge

Web site: https://www.fao.org/family-farming

The Family Farming Knowledge Platform, launched by Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in 2015, gathers digitised quality information on family farming from all over the world; including national laws and regulations, public policies, best practices, relevant data and statistics, researches, articles and publications.

It provides a single access point for international, regional and national information related to family farming issues; integrating and systematising existing information to better inform and provide knowledge-based assistance to policy-makers, family farmers’ organisations, development experts, as well as to stakeholders in the field and at the grassroots level.

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National, European, International

Keywords: pastoralism, agroecology, agroforestry, mountain, family farming, indigenous people, small scale fisheries

Actors: farmer, countrymen’s organization, NGO, network for the exchange of experience