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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


Rural topic(s): Cultural initiatives in rural areas

City: Paterna

Country: Spain

Web site: http://europimpulse.com/

The EUROPIMPULSE project was born from the need to empower Civil Society on issues of European cooperation and funding on such fundamental topics as Education, Social Innovation, Culture and Sustainable Development.

It is developed through 2 complementary axes:

EUROPIMPULSE TRAINING : development of methodologies, resources and tools for both online and face-to-face training on European project engineering;

EUROPIMPULSE NETWORK: promotion of spaces (physical and online) for the exchange of experiences, collaboration and incubation of innovative projects;

The Europimpulse association is testing the methodology and support of « peripheral encounters"in the rural territory of Alto Palancia.

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National, European

Keywords: cultural heritage, Cultural diversity, innovation, European funds, youth empowerment

Places: Spain, Europe

Actors: association, trainer

Methods: online training, non formal learning, support to project

Success stories: