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Association Rural Development for Future Georgia

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories

City: Tbilisi

Country: Georgia

Web site: http://www.rdfg.ge

Association Regional/Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) works to improve conditions of the most vulnerable people to prevent and alleviate human suffering and protect and respect human dignity with complete impartiality and no discrimination.

RDFG provides technical assistance to local governments to develop and adapt advanced management systems and methodologies.

RDFG’s work encompasses issues such as human rights, environmental protection, gender equality, peace building and disaster risk reduction.

The organisation works with different vulnerable social groups to ensure equal access to services and opportunities and promote inclusion and responsiveness to the needs of vulnerable groups in Georgia.

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National

Keywords: Community Led Local Development (CLLD), civil society dialogue, resilience, youth empowerment, innovation

Places: Georgia

Actors: volunteers, association, NGO

Methods: non formal learning, training/capacity-building, programme/project management, promotion of civil society dialogue, advocacy