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Obelisk farm

Rural topic(s): Rural youth

City: Vilanu nov.

Country: Latvia

Web site: http://www.obeliskfarm.lv

Obeslisk farm is run by a young family. They settle in a 2.5-hectare organic farm nestled in the eastern part of Latvia, Latgalē region – at Obeliškas village.

Over years, hemp growing became a priority. Indeed, they believe that hemp is one extraordinary plant, that can feed, clothe, shelter and heal the entire world.

As they realized that the cannabis plant still raises misunderstanding, they decided to open their doors for tours around the farm where visitors explore how the farm grows hemp and turn it into useful products.

In addition, they provide learning opportunities (tours, museum, workshops, products tasting, trainings) that are meant to raise awareness of the uses and benefits of the hemp plant and some key aspects of industrial hemp.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: hemp, diversification of economic activities

Places: Latvia

Actors: farm

Methods: training workshop, non formal learning, field trip, raising awareness

Success stories: