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Kulturland eG

Rural topic(s): Access to land

City: Hitzacker

Country: Germany

Web site: http://www.kulturland-eg.de

The Kulturland eG cooperative buys organic farmland with 0% interest share capital of consumers and rents it to community connected farms on a long term basis. Kulturland eG currently has acquired 90 ha of land for 10 farms. Kulturland has initially emerged from a Forum Synergies workshop and is member of the European Platform on Access to Land.

The key current activities are: cooperating with more farms to acquire land / acquiring more cooperative members to raise capital stock / networking with other access to land organisations in DE in our “Netzwerk Flächensicherung” ("Network for land securement")

Scale of intervention : Regional, National, European

Keywords: community supported agriculture - CSA, organic farming, land access, collective farmland ownership

Places: Germany

Actors: farmer

Methods: networking, renting of land

Success stories: