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aip2 (Italian Association for Public Participation / L’Associazione Italiana per la Partecipazione Pubblica)

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Bologna

Country: Italy

Web site: http://aip2italia.org/

The purpose of the association is to promote and improve the practice of public participation and deliberative democracy by individual, collective and institutional subjects in relation to issues of public interest at different levels of government (local, regional, national). In particular, AIP2 aims to create a community of practice among all those - practitionners, academics, administrators, public officials, citizens - who participate and believe that the involvement of citizens is an essential requirement for the revitalization of representative democracy.

Aip2 pursues this aim through initiatives to disseminate the culture of participation, publications, online activities, training activities, technical assistance and research.

The activities of the association and its aims are inspired by principles of equal opportunities between men and women and respectful of the inviolable rights of the person.

Scale of intervention : National, Regional, Local

Keywords: participatory democracy, citizen participation, territorial dialogue, civil society dialogue, participatory approach

Places: Italy

Actors: association

Methods: intermediation and facilitation, promotion of civil society dialogue, mediation, research, ouvrage, training workshop, training/capacity-building, technical assistance