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Fundación entretantos

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Development of rural territories, Civic dialogue

City: Valladolid

Country: Spain

Web site: http://www.entretantos.org

« entretantos » is a non-profit organization created by a cluster of professionals and entrepreneurs who share a common background and know-how in subjects related to environmental management, participation, communication and education. All of us are deeply interested in participation as a powerful and essential tool to improve land management and attain sustainability.

They work on:

  • Agroecology, agroecosystems and urban sustainability

  • Governance of communals and common goods: research and adaptation to the global change of communal conservation areas in Spain.

  • Social participation and participatory methodologies

  • Extensive livestock and pastoralism

  • Biodiversity, conservation and research in agrarian systems of high natural value.

  • Coexistence of the wolf with rural populations

  • Geodiversity

Scale of intervention : Regional, National, European

Keywords: participation by inhabitants, participatory approach, territorial dialogue, high nature value farming (HNV), agroecology, concertation, civil society dialogue, Commons, conservation and management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, livestock farming

Places: Spain

Actors: association

Methods: intermediation and facilitation, programme/project management, promotion of civil society dialogue, participation research