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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

CIMAS (Observatorio Internacional de Ciudadanía y Medioambiente Sostenible)

Rural topic(s): Civic dialogue, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Web site: http://www.redcimas.org

CIMAS is a network of professionals involved in social transformation and participatory democracy.

These people intervene in their social and political environment with criteria of diversity, participation, creativity and cooperation.

They lead to actions of participatory planning, participatory budgets, Agenda 21 etc …

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National, International

Keywords: participatory democracy, citizen participation, participatory action research, integrated rural development, Community Led Local Development (CLLD), consultation process, concertation

Places: Spain

Actors: network, platform, forum, network for the exchange of experience

Methods: participatory budget, online training, ouvrage, exchange of good practices