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RENETA (National Network of Test-farming Areas)

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of activities

City: Lattes

Country: France

Web site: http://reneta.fr

Created in March 2012, the National Network of Test-farming Areas (RENETA) aims to promote the activity test to promote farming installation.

It brings together nearly 80 members, including 45 working test areas, 27 test areas in project and 6 associate members (national networks). These test areas are multi-partner packages involving a wide variety of actors: agricultural and rural development associations, popular education associations, activity incubators, cooperatives, chambers of agriculture, local authorities, regional nature parks , agricultural educational institutions, etc.

The « activity test » consists in testing a farming project, in a legal and material framework which limits risk taking, on a specific place and for a defined time, while being accompanied by a professional network of farmers and associations. During this test phase, there is no real farming business creation , but a real-life scenario for the project leader while being supported by a structure that hosts him/her legally and administratively.

Scale of intervention : National, Regional, Local

Keywords: attracting new residents, rural entrepreneurship, farm succession, business incubator, job creation

Places: France

Actors: multi-stakeholders, association, group / platform, farmer

Methods: experimentation, non formal learning, support to project, intermediation and facilitation

Success stories: