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Terre en vue

Rural topic(s): Access to land

City: Gembloux

Country: Belgium

Web site: http://www.terre-en-vue.be/

The association Terre-en-vue « facilitates access to land for sustainable farming »,

  • accompanying agricultural projects for the installation and transmission of farms,

  • creating and runnunig a network of partner associations and citizens,

  • developping expertise related to access to land and to the protection of lands

It develops policy advocacy and proposals to enable public authorities to promote access to land and to support agricultural projects that respond to the values of the movement.

The association also created the cooperative for social purposes Terre-en-vue, a citizen and solidarity investment tool that allows the acquisition of agricultural land and buildings.

Scale of intervention : National, Local, Regional

Keywords: land access, land policy, farm succession, agroecology, landgrabbing, organic farming, collective farmland ownership, peasant farming

Places: Belgium

Actors: association, community land trust (CLT)

Methods: renting of land, resources mobilization, intermediation and facilitation, networking, raising awareness, advocacy