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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Future farmers in the spotlight

Rural topic(s): Rural youth

City: wageningen

Country: Netherlands

Web site: http://future-farmers.net

Future Farmers in the Spotlight is an initiative that aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of sustainable farmers. It strives to enable future agricultural entrepreneurs to build knowledge and to learn from each other’s experiences regarding innovative and viable concepts, opportunities and difficulties when starting up a farm. Ultimately Future Farmers in the Spotlight aims to contribute in sowing the seeds for many new young farmers’ initiatives.

Since the start of Future Farmers in the Spotlight in August 2012, the initiators Joris van der Kamp and Juliane Haufe, who themselves have the wish to start up a farm in the near-by future have so far visited and filmed 16 young inspiring farmers projects in Norway, Denmark, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France and Spain.

Comprised to a short film, each project realised by a young farmer or group of young farmers is unique and it shows that although very challenging it is possible to start up farming, even with little capital or no land.

Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: land access, civic agriculture, peasant farming, rural youth, young farmers set up, farm succession, video film

Places: Netherlands, Europe

Actors: association

Methods: raising awareness