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Terre et Cité - Pays de Saclay

Rural topic(s): Local food Chains, Development of rural territories

City: Verrières-le-Buisson

Country: France

Web site: http://terreetcite.org/

The association Terre et Cité brings together farmers, local authorities, associations, businesses, research and teaching institutes and individuals to promote agriculture in Saclay region (near Paris). Through dialogue and project support, it contributes to the emergence of a new mode of relationship between city and agriculture.

In particular, it is the driving force of a LEADER program (supporting short circuit diversification projects, eco-pasture, applied research to better manage organic matter, tools for good water management on the Plateau).

Finally, its method of concertation (participative process) for the achievement of the Agricultural and Forest Natural Protection Area of Saclay plateau has been recognised on a national level and rewarded by Fondation de France in 2017.

Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: citizen participation, local community initiative, rural-urban relationship, peri-urban agriculture, community supported agriculture - CSA, land access, collective farmland ownership, local supply chain, short food chain, Leader approach

Places: France

Actors: multi-stakeholders, inhabitants, researcher/academic, local authority, association

Methods: debate, workshop, promotion of civil society dialogue, intermediation and facilitation, programme/project management, raising awareness

Success stories: