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IEB Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research Group / ÖBI - Hagyományos ökológiai tudás kutatócsoport

Rural topic(s): Local ecological knowledge

City: Vácrátót

Country: Hungary

Web site: http://www.obi.okologia.mta.hu/en

This research group belongs to the Hungarian Institute of Ecology and Botany. Its main goal is to conduct and facilitate research on traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) among Hungarians living in the Carpathian basin. The main focus of the group is landscape ethnoecology, local landscape perception, and TEK related to habitats, vegetation and traditional land use.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: Farmers Ecological Knowledge, traditional knowledge, safeguard of knowledge, conservation and management of natural resources, natural habitats preservation

Places: Hungary

Actors: research institute/center

Methods: participation research