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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Toekomstboeren - Farmers for the future

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Rural youth

City: Zevenaar

Country: Netherlands

Web site: http://toekomstboeren.nl/

Toekomstboeren gives farmers for the future a voice and supports them in their struggle. Because it is not easy being a farmer: land is expensive, regulations are strict and policies more suited for large-scale industrial agriculture. That is why they focus on sharing positive examples of alternative solutions: to support their members in achieving their farming dreams, and to inspire others to do the same.

Scale of intervention : National, European

Keywords: land access, peasant farming, farm succession, community supported agriculture - CSA, local variety, seeds saving, young farmers set up, food souvereignty

Places: Netherlands

Actors: young person, farmer, association

Methods: exchange of good practices, experience exchange, networking