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Arbre & Paysage 32 - (Tree and Landscape)

Rural topic(s): Agroecology and agroforestry

City: Auch

Country: France

Web site: http://www.ap32.fr

Tree & Landscape Association 32 is a field operator for local trees and agroforestry. In the pas 3 decades, it has been involved in advice, diagnostic, information and education, consultation and research and development missions.

With a team of 8 employees, specialists in landscape, tree and agroforestry, it designs and support the realisation of several hundred development projects each year (planting and management of spontaneous or existing vegetation).

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional

Keywords: agroforestry, territorial dialogue, agricultural policy, locally-based economy, ecosystem services, landscape preservation, biodiversity conservation, hedges, improving soil quality, woodland creation, concertation, local variety

Places: France

Actors: association

Methods: training workshop, field trip, outdoor learning, raising awareness, technical assistance, recommendation, advocacy, intermediation and facilitation, participation research

Success stories: