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ICPPC (International Coalition to Protect Polish Countryside)

Rural topic(s): (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage

City: Stryszów

Country: Poland

Web site: http://www.icppc.pl

ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside - is raising public awareness on the importance of the small family farm in creating an ecologically sensitive, long-term solution to the countryside, which avoids the destructive consequences of CAP policies.

ICPPC is non-governmental organization and co-operates with all who want to promote and protect the Polish countryside’s natural and cultural biodiversity.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: agritourism, organic farming, peasant farming, GMOs / Genetically Modified Organisms, CAP - Common Agricultural Policy, food policy, agricultural policy, family farming

Places: Poland

Actors: association

Methods: campaigning, raising awareness