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EPO (Society for the protection of nature and ecodevelopment)

Rural topic(s): Sustainable development in wetlands, Conservation and management of natural resources

City: Chrysoupoli

Country: Greece

EPO - Society for Protection of Nature and Ecodevelopment is working since 22 years for nature protection, management and sustainable development, collaborating with state services, authorities and other stakeholders for a better future of the Nestos region. EPO is involved in EU supported Life projects for the management of the wetlands, creating buffer zones, vegetated filter strips, re-connection of old river branches, reforestation of riparian forest, construction of breeding islets for terns and other water-birds, as well as setting up a feeding scheme for vultures.

Besides that EPO works on alternative development, especially Ecotourism planning a series of nature trails, observation platforms and other infrastructure, publishing of information materials and guided tours. EPO represents the environmental NGOs in the board of the Nestos-Vistonis-Ismarida National Park.

Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: conservation and management of natural resources, ecotourism, improvement of biodiversity, woodland creation, wetlands, natural habitats preservation

Places: Greece

Actors: association