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DPPVN (Society of bird research and nature protection)

Rural topic(s): Sustainable development in wetlands, Conservation and management of natural resources

City: Race

Country: Slovenia

Web site: http://www.dppvn.eu

The Slovenian environmental NGO DPPVN cares for conservation and restoration of endangered animal and plant habitats and proposes the establishment of protected areas. DPPVN organizes various forms of ecological education, arranges special conferences, workshops in the field of animal studies and conservation, and raises public awareness of wildlife. DPPVN publish also scientific journal for biology and ecology Biota.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: conservation and management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, protected area, natural habitats preservation

Places: Slovenia

Actors: association

Methods: raising awareness, ouvrage, meeting, seminar and conference organisation, training/capacity-building