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Dolina Strugu (Regionalne Towarzystwo Rolno-Przemysłowe « Dolina Strugu »)

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories, Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of activities

City: Błażowa

Country: Poland

Web site: http://www.dolinastrugu.pl

Dolina Strugu is a partnership existing from the 1990’s. It was created on the base of cooperation of 4 Carpathian communities: Błażowa, Chmielnik, Hyżne and Tyczyn, in order to promote the development of this rural microregion.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: Leader approach, local food systems, rural-urban relationship, empowerment of rural communities, rural entrepreneurship, business incubator

Places: Poland

Actors: association, NGO

Methods: programme/project management, training/capacity-building

Success stories: