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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology)

Rural topic(s): Renewable energy and eco-housing, Education and training in rural areas

City: Machynlleth

Country: United Kingdom

Web site: http://www.cat.org.uk

CAT is a cooperative, that is a self-governing social enterprise owned and managed by its staff. Supporting it is a membership association, with 7,000 members worldwide. Its aims are to explore, demonstrate and communicate a wide range of alternatives regarding globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life. The key areas of work are communication about sustainability; energy conservation and environmental building; renewable energy ; and sustainable land use.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: eco-business, renewable energy, collective approach, organic farming, Information / Education for sustainable development, solar energy, wind energy, energy saving, eco-housing, organic building material, seeds saving, natural habitats preservation, composting, reed-bed sewage, waste water treatment, green manure, improving soil quality, gardening

Places: United-Kingdom

Actors: self-governing social enterprise (cooperative), training and visitor centre

Methods: voluntary work, non formal learning, training workshop, training/capacity-building, research and training, consulting/expertise, ouvrage

Success stories: