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[EXP] Estonian village Metsanurme builds broad base of activities to support local lives

Rural topic(s): (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage, Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of activities

Type: Success story

Date of writing: May 16, 2012

Author(s) of this page: Patrick Chalmers


Anneli Kana explains how an Estonian village association has helped to re-animate life in the village of Metsanurme south of the capital Tallinn. By marrying traditional decision-making structures with those of national and municipal authorities, Metsanurme maintains resilient rural village life. As part of the Kodukant association of village associations, Metsanurme is an vibrant example of rural possibilities for people and policy makers all over the European Union.



Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: integrated rural development, rural heritage, participatory approach, ecotourism, community spirit, empowerment of rural communities

Places: Estonia

Actors: inhabitant association

Methods: promotion of local economic activity

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