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[EXP] Community supported Agriculture and Organic box schemes helping local French farmers and consumers

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue, Local food Chains

Type: Success story

Date of writing: May 16, 2012

Author(s) of this page: Patrick Chalmers

Organization(s): MIRAMAP (Mouvement inter-régional des AMAP)


Anne Berthet, an agronomist and householder in southern France near Aix-en-Provence explains why she joined a box scheme back in 2007 to get her weekly supply of organic vegetables. Anne wanted to know where her family’s food was coming from, to reassure herself about the quality of food and to join a group of like-minded people aiming to support local farmers. She explains how consumers elsewhere might benefit from similar schemes, by joining existing ones or setting them up. She calls on national and European decision makers to heed the huge potential to feed people with locally grown, high quality produce.



Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: community supported agriculture - CSA, organic farming, local food systems, box scheme, direct selling

Places: France

Actors: citizen, consumer

Methods: community-led initiative, partnership