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Porto di Terra, a community experimenting agroecology and permaculture in Sicily

Rural topic(s): Places to be (work in progress), Agroecology and agroforestry

Type: Narrative story

Date of writing: August 31, 2021


§ A few words on Porto di Terra

Porto di Terra, Sicily, is a small organization whose mission is experimenting agroecology and permaculture through sustainable community life, non-formal education, small scale food production and eco-tourism.

The non-profit organization is also linked to national and regional rural development networks, such as: WWOOF, permaculture regional network, the network of schools of the mountain area where it is settled, the local development group network.

Each member of Porto di Terra comes from different backgrounds, such as environmental education, research in agroecology, human right protection, permaculture, and arboriculture (currently, we are 6 board members working on the organization). The organization is currently based in a farm we are taking care of.

♪ What kind of experience can you have there…

Visiting Porto di Terra you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

· agriculture

· permaculture

· agroforestry/ Forestry

· seed saving

· ecovillage/ smartvillage

· self organised community

· organising of events, trainings

You can visit the place as a WWOOFER, participate in an event or just as a visitor.

☼ Travel information & Location

Porto di Terra is located in Sicily.

The farm is located at 800 mt in the area of the ) Madonie Regional Park , a mountain area surrounded by small villages.

☺ Contact


Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: transition, agroecology, safeguard of knowledge, permaculture, self-organised community

Places: Italy

Actors: association

Methods: experimentation, experience exchange, knowledge collection