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Traditional fruit varieties orchards in Odorhei Region

Rural topic(s): Places to be (work in progress), Local ecological knowledge

Type: Narrative story

Date of writing: August 6, 2019

Organization(s): Foundation for the Quality of Life (Életminőségért Alapítvány - Erdély)


§ A few words on Odorhei Region

If you are travelling through the Odorhei Region you will see how the traditional landscape is dominated by fruit trees. The villages are surrounded by traditional fruit ‘forests’, with all sorts of different heritage fruit varieties. Those who are interested in these old varieties and how to establish an orchard in a sustainable way should get in touch.

♪What kind of experience can you have there…

When it comes to travel planning, you can participting in an event ( such as the Fruit Festival in September) or just as a visitor

☼ Travel information & Location

Odorhei is located in Harghita county, 2.30 hours far from Sibiu airport.

☺ Contact


Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: orchard, traditional knowledge, safeguard of knowledge, farmer’s market, festival

Places: Romania

Actors: association

Methods: training workshop, knowledge collection