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Gemer Region Forest Owners Association, a private organisation promoting the legitimate interests of private forest owners in Slovakia

Rural topic(s): Sustainable forestry

Type: Narrative story

Date of writing: April 28, 2016

Author(s) of this page: Anna Figurova


GRZVNL since 1993, brings together farmers and owners of non-state forests. The main aim of association is to promote and defend the legitimate interests of farmers and owners of non-state forests implicit from their property and economic rights to land.


Description of activities

Advice. The association provides professional advice in drawing up forest management plans, and management in the forest it cooperates with domestic and foreign partners in common actions and programs. It promotes the legitimate interests of rural areas.

Cooperation. Our Association cooperates with domestic and foreign partners in joint actions and programs.

Gemer Region Forest Owners Association also actively cooperates with the ministry of agriculture scientific and educational institutions.

We are also a member of the Union of regional associations of private forest owners, which represents the interests of forest owners at the national level.

Policy. It promotes the legitimate interests of countryside into national policies and also participates in the drafting of legislation related to forestry.

Major Projects. On transnational and international level. Main topics: FSC certification;trade in carbon credits to third parties; International exchange of experts in forestry with an emphasis on rural family businesses and private forestry; renewable energy.


Challenges. Empowerment of non-state forest owners, analyse the current situation of private forest owners in Slovakia and Hungary.

Next steps. Further promotion of consulting and training activities; educate young owners and raise their expertise and business diversification opportunities in rural areas


Information gathered at the 1st workshop on Sustainable Forest Management (17-20 March 2016)


Gemer Region Forest Owners Association

Contact: Anna Figurova

E-mail: annafigurova(a)centrum.sk

Website: www.grzvnl.eu/en/



Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: Education, renewable energy, forest ownership, family business, FSC certification, woodland management

Places: Slovakia

Actors: private sector, public sector, public administration, forest owner, stakeholders, private ownership

Methods: training/capacity-building, networking, consulting/expertise, political dialogue, partnership