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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Local authorities supporting access to land for farmers: stories from Europe

Rural topic(s): Access to land

Type: capitalization document

Date of publication: June 1, 2017

Organization(s): Access to Land Network, Terre de Liens


This booklet has been written by members off the European Access to Land network, as part of a European partnership focused on promoting access to land for agroecological farmers.

For two years, the organisations have researched the experiences of local authorities engaged in facilitating access to land for farmers. This publication presents some of the results. A broader report will complement good practices, with several country overviews and an analysis of the main levers which local authorities can use to facilitate access to land for farmers. It will contribute to analyse how local authorities are approaching the issue of land in order to support job creation, local food systems and vibrant rural communities.

The main conclusions are:

1- Local authorities can preserve farmland to ensure that it remains in farmland use

2- Local authorities can organise land accessibility

3- Local authorities can channel land towards specific uses and users

4- Local authorities can provide a favourable environment to farmers



Link: http://www.accesstoland.eu/IMG/pdf/a2l_local_authorities_cs_report_june2017.pdf

Scale of intervention : European, Local

Keywords: land access, land policy, municipal initiative, peasant farming, local food systems, young farmers set up

Places: Italy, France, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Spain

Actors: municipality, small-scale farmer, local community