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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Spreading good practices and proposals

Capitalising and sharing know-how

Our Resource centre on Sustainable Rural Development compiles success stories, organisations, documents and political proposals related to rural sustainability in different places and fields of rural development, in order to provide stimulus to those who are facing similar opportunities and challenges throughout rural Europe. (see below for more detailed explanation)

Through our Map of Rural Sustainability you have direct access to success stories and organisations related to different categories of rural topics.

We continuously update this information according to meetings we participate in or organise, visits we realise or suggestions from partners. We want to encourage you to contribute!

Share your story or experience!

In case you would like to have more detailed information or need any kind of support in order to share your experience please feel free to contact us: mguedon (a) forum-synergies.eu

What you will find in our resource centre

Success stories

The success stories we present :

  • are examples of practical sustainability, based on some years of experience,
  • integrate several topics (energy, agriculture, education, biodiversity, cultural heritage etc..) and pursue economic, environmental, social and democratic goals of sustainable development.
  • are based in, or include active partnership with the local community
  • show good practices of local and collective approaches to sustainable development.
  • are linked to a rural or periurban territory.

We are also gathering innovative experiences, which are newest initiatives aiming at answering to the new challenges rural actors are facing in their territory.

And narrative stories told by people who participate or promote these initiatives.


Our directory lists people and organisations engaged in sustainable rural development in Europe through different paths: concrete projects and practices, formulation of policies, network coordination, resource centre, training, media etc. They might range from local to European level.

Policy proposals

Three types of policy-related documents are available :

  • policies promoted at regional or national level : they show how current policies (local, regional or national) can contribute and support sustainability on a specific topic or general approach.
  • proposals promoted by social or political organisations or networks : they deal with proposals on existing rural policies or new suggestions drawn by other organisations.
  • policy proposals brought in by Forum Synergies members or gathered during events organised by Forum Synergies and linked to issues they are facing in their territories.


Under the documents section you will find all kind of documents, from conference reports, methodology guides to case studies, which are briefly described and available for download.