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Appel à un nouveau manifeste politique commun, 7.4.2020

A plea for a new common political manifesto, IT, EU

Mario Catizzone, Europe Soil Group Referent - Forum Salviamo il Paesaggio, Bruxelles, 7.04.2020

One month confined to the house is already over and a new one has to pass …
We spent this time cleaning and moving a huge wardrobe (after 15 years !), preparing wood toys for my granddaughter, selecting a future soil trainee through internet Skype/ WhatsApp, preparing articles for next soil newsletter, and so on.
In synthesis, we had a few time to think ! On the contrary, this should be the time to deeply reflect and raise ourselves the right questions for searching the possible answers.

The majority of us belongs to the generation that has the responsibility of the present political environmental societal situation. We are not culpable, but we are surely responsible for it. We have seen coming changes in values and we were not able to stop them. Today we must face them urgently and not only the Covid19. We have to create new opportunities for the next generations. In other terms, we must continue fighting with all our means for a new society based on the values that allowed the creation of the EU.
From where to start ? We live a period of solidarity, people see that TINA was and is a huge mistake. Let us then start from that and claim aloud to all our friends a few basic points to become our political common manifesto.
I start with you and ask for your contribution.

The European Union and all its Member States must have :

  1. Common public health for all, funded with EU money
  2. Public schools and universities funded with EU money
  3. Environment has to be a political, social and economic priority, the EEA has to become a control agency able to intervene to stop environmental degradation in the EU State Members
  4. Social inclusion has to be the EU priority, and EU institutions have to intervene directly for solving critical situation like the absence of jobs, poverty, waves of immigration
  5. Transport in the EU has to be public and this is valid for trains, airplanes, busses, highways, …
  6. Agriculture at the service of a healthy production that respects the environment and the population, furthermore creation of commodities trading under control and responsibility of specific EU institutions
  7. Compulsory civil service (18 months in EU service) for all women and men, they could be used for civil cases and for agriculture
  8. Creation of EU permanent civil protection services for crisis interventions like floods, earthquakes, landslides, epidemics, …
  9. Stop purchasing further military weapons (planes, boats, helicopters, tanks, etc.), creation of EU Military Corp
  10. The EU Foreign policy will be based on respect for the EU values, starting from the respect for peace, and the cooperation policy again based on solidarity
  11. … …
    I will stop here and I ask all of you to help me in creating a list to share with other friends and associations.
    We should arrive to get a unique shared also not fully agreed list, but to be discussed at least by the Civil Society Associations.

Better to be criticized for a "utopic dream" than continue to listen to debates about Spread or economic compatibility with the markets.